2019 Home Garden Variety Trials – Part 7

Some notes and a brief update

The Turkey Craw Beans are out-growing the Hill Family Greasy variety. Both suffered some leaf damage from pests, but I’ve gotten that taken care of.

The Turkey Craw plants are on the left in the above photo.

The Trailing Nasturtiums are out-growing the Alaska variety also. They should begin blooming soon.

The bush cucumber transplants are doing fairly well. So far, both varieties are growing at about the same rate.

Aroma II is still my preferred basil, at this time.

The Cool Customer cucumbers were a little better at germinating than the little leaf, but the plants that I started at the same time are growing at about the same rate.

Cool Customer:

Little Leaf:

I planted the “blind” beans this past weekend and am waiting for them to germinate. I expect to see something happen in the next day or two.

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