2019 Home Garden Variety Trials – Part 6

The weather has turned rainy and cool again, but the garden is growing reasonably well.  I have had some failures with squash plants, but there is time to restart them and I went ahead and did that.  I’ll transplant the replacements soon.

I’ve had mixed results with the cucumbers so far. Two varieties failed to germinate in our raised beds (Bush Crop and Spacemaster). I tried starting them twice and ended up putting the rest of the seeds in Jiffy pods inside the house. The ones in the Jiffy pods germinated and I’ll transplant them soon.

The nasturtiums are growing well. The Alaska variety was the first to germinate, but the trailing variety has grown better.

I transplanted half of the basil into raised beds (beside tomatoes) and put the other half in pots. Both varieties are growing at about the same rate. I used some of the Dolce Fresca in lasagna this past weekend. It had a nice flavor. I’ll try the Aroma II in something else this week. Right now, just based on the growth and germination, I think I prefer Aroma II.

The bush beans are growing, but I do not have an opinion on them just yet.

The other cucumbers are growing at about the same rate, though “Little Leaf” was slow to germinate.

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