Germination Rates – Warm Season Vegetables

Here’s a summary of the germination rates I’ve gotten, so far, for most of the seeds I started on Feb 15


Arkansas Traveler 6/7

Eva Purple Ball 7/7

Lollipop 6/6

Sugar Cherry 8/8

Amy’s Sugar Gem 5/6

Pink Ping Pong  6/6

Wessel’s Purple Pride  7/9

Chocolate Stripes  7/9

Cuor du Bue 12/13

Boxcar Willie 6/7

Black Krim 6/6
Florida Market Eggplant 2/6 so far

Rotonda Eggplant 0/6 so far – I will restart some of these as backups

Purple tomatillos 4/4

Green tomatillos 7/9

Albino Bullnose Pepper 4/4

Sweet Chocolate Pepper 4/4

Sweet Banana Pepper 6/6

Ausilio Pepper 3/6

Yellow Jalapeno pepper  4/4

Bullnose Pepper 6/6

Lipstick pepper 3/6 – maybe 4, I think I see it poking through

California Wonder Pepper 4/6

Cubanelle Pepper  1/6 so far

Cardoon 5/6

Artichokes 2/4

Asian eggplant 3/4

Lemon Gum Eucalyptus 2/4

English Lavender 3/4 cells

Cilantro 4/6

Common Sage 3/4

Cumin 8/14

Lemon Basil 3/4

Common Spearmint 3/6 cells

Creeping Thyme 6/6 cells

Anise Hyssop 3/6 cells
I will start a few more artichokes and peppers today to make up for the ones that have not germinated. But, I am pleased with the progress so far.

I have gotten good germination rates from Salanova lettuce- comparable to other varieties of lettuce- more than 90%.

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