Tennessee Home Garden Variety Trials-Part 3

I chose to try two varieties of Genovese Basil: Dolce Fresca and Aroma II , in addition to the others I chose, and started the seeds on March 30.  I used Jiffy Pods since I had some on hand and wanted to use them up.  I used 12 pods for each variety with 2 seeds per pod.  I placed them all in the same tray and put them under a humidity dome.  This morning, April 1, I saw that most of them have already germinated.  I was surprised at how quickly they did germinate as I have had issues with basil in the past.

So far, so good. That’s Aroma II on the left and Dolce Fresca on the right. The rate was 24 of 25 for the first and 21 of 25 for the second. So, pretty close. The pods in the middle are Butterfly Weed. They were a recent impulse purchase and generally Ned stratification to help with germination. There wasn’t time for that so I sowed them anyway. It looks like 3 or 4 of them are coming up so I’m already happy.

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