Hardy Kiwi Vines and Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes and kiwi vines I ordered from Baker Creek arrived yesterday, a little earlier than I was expecting. We technically have a couple of more weeks before the generally-accepted last frost date for our area, it they are here nevertheless.

I potted the kiwi vines in a few old seedling pots I had handy. I’ll leave them there until it’s time to move them into their permanent location. The vines are small cuttings, but they look healthy. I received two females of different varieties and one male pollinator.

The sweet potatoes, on the other hand, don’t look as healthy. Of the 3 slips, 2 look ok but I’m not sure the third one will make it. I put it along with one of the healthier ones into a 15 gallon grow bag and the last one in a small clay pot. I will figure our a more permanent solution this weekend.

I started some more tomato plants last night (March 27). I believe they will be ready to set out by the end of April, if not, I can delay setting them out until the first weekend in May when everything will end good and warm and all danger of frost will be behind us.

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