Passion Fruit and Greens

In spite of the clouds and the cooler temperatures (50’s) I got our passion fruit vines planted as well as a second planting of radishes, lettuce, Swiss chard, and Fordhook Giant Chard. The collards, spinach and chard that I planted a few weeks ago are doing fairly well as are the first plantings of lettuce and arugula. I also potted up some English Thyme and German Thyme.

Happy Spring (lets hope for some sun)!

Passion Fruit Vine Possum PurpleThymeRadishesGreens

I also planted 2 squares of carrots- one of Danvers 126 Half-Long and the other a mixture of all the carrot seeds that I’ve collected over the last couple of years (some of them are Atomic Reds, Purple Dragons, Amarillos, and Korals). I will sow a couple of more squares in 2 weeks. These carrots are all 65-75 day carrots so hopefully I’ll get a harvest starting around May 29.

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