Potatoes and Passion Fruit

The first of the Kennebec potatoes I planted in grow bags are sprouting. Hopefully they will make pounds and pounds of potatoes this summer Hahaha

Back in the winter I gave in to temptation and bought some Passiflora edulis (Possum Purple) from Baker Creek. They aren’t totally hardy in this area, but I believe they come back from the roots. Wild Passion flowers grew in the area where I grew up and my mother called them wild apricots. They’re some of my favorite flowers. This variety does produce edible fruit as well.

I got the shipment notice the other day and they are arriving today. I think I will keep them in containers and bring them into the garage for the winter. I’ll have to build a trellis or something for them to grow on but that’s a project for another day (it’s rainy and windy here today).

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