Warmer Weather

After a couple of nights back down to freezing, we should be in the clear for several days (here’s hoping!). I don’t relish the thought of more rain, but I’ll take it as long as it comes with warmer temperatures. The Old Farmer’s Almanac claims this will be a wet Spring, and if the next few days of March are any indication, they may be correct. MemphisWeather.net forecast

To get myself more into the gardening mood, I’ve been listening to some agriculture-related audio books the past coup,e of weeks. “The Urban Farmer” by Curtis A. Stone was interesting and I learned a few things, but his primary audience is market growers and not necessarily home gardeners. He focused on squeezing as much production as possible out of small plots of land. “Growing A Farmer” by Kurt Timmermeister was basically a memoir about a former chef who sold his restaurant and bought a farm. After some struggles, he turned it into a successful dairy and vegetable farm. I enjoyed hearing his story. I just started “Miraculous Abundance” by Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer. It’s about a sailer and an international lawyer who give up their careers to begin an organic farm in France…. I’m sensing a trend. Hahha but, no, I’m not changing careers.

I’m looking foreword to getting the winter officially behind us and enjoying the spring and summer. The perennials in the front yard are growing very nicely in spite of the event bad weather. The Japanese maples are beginning to leaf out and the peonies have pea-sized flower buds. A former e I gut it gave them to me last fall and I was afraid they would not bloom this year, it it looks like they are happy in their new home and will flower this May. It looks like we are going to lose one clump of fountain grass, but that’s easy enough to replace.

Some of the nasturtium seeds I planted out front have sprouted as have some of the chard seeds I planted in the greens bed. They were slow to make an appearance, it seems, but I’ve never grown it from seed before. I noticed a potato beginning to peek through the soil in o e of the grow bags also.

The sugar snap peas are growing well and I do hope they produce some peas before the weather gets too hot. My turnip greens were a failure, though. I’ll try again with them this fall.

A pair of bluebirds has taken up residence in one of the houses in the back yard. I saw the mother fly up to the top of our pergola earlier this afternoon.

Spring is here!

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