Tennessee Home Garden Variety Trials – Part 4

The basil seedlings continue to do well.  So far, there I do not see much difference in growth between the two varieties.


The top two rows in the above photo are “Aroma II” and the bottom two are “Dolce Fresca”.  You can also see a couple of seedlings peeking up from the bottom of a couple of pods.  I invariably drop a seed or two when I am working with them- especially when I am using tweezers to place them in the pods.  I’ll discard them when I pot these up because I can not be sure what variety they are.  The middle two rows are Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa).  I grabbed a packet of seed on impulse while shopping a couple of weeks ago.  I was afraid they needed stratification, but I’ve gotten nearly 100% germination without it.

Yesterday, April 7, I sowed the nasturtium seeds that I got as part of the trial.  I put them around the perimeter of two large containers.  At some point, I’ll put a taller plant in the center.


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