2019 Home Garden Variety Trials – Part 5

So far, we have had mixed results.  The basil and nasturtiums germinated fairly well.  So far, though, it looks like the Trailing Nasturtiums and Aroma II basil are the better varieties.  I’ll reserve final judgement until the end of the season.  Both varieties of pole beans germinated fairly well, but the germination rates on the cucumbers was appallingly-bad.  I started both Bush Crop and Spacemaster in the garden twice and had no germination at all.  I took the seeds that I had left over and started them in Jiffy Pods inside the house.  It’s possible that I received a bad batch of seeds, but it seems quite odd that none of them germinated at all.  The Cool Customer and Little Leaf varieties did germinate and are growing, however.

I still need to start the “blind” bean varieties and will do that this weekend.


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