An Afternoon Off

I had a few extra hours of vacation time to use, so I took the afternoon off. It was nice and sunny but a bit windy and cool, but I got some things done out in the garden. I fertilized the camellias with Holly-tone from Espoma. They are looking a bit beat up from the winter weather but I think they will recover. This was their first year in the ground and I think they will fare better next year.

I planted some zinnia, dahlia, and marigold seeds in the bed out front. It’s a bit early for them, but that bed gets plenty of sunlight and stays pretty warm. I snuck in some yellow wax beans also. I had enough seed left over from last year to plant a row along the very back of the raised bed that’s in front of the garage. They will have produced their crop by the time everything else in that bed is flowering so I can just pick the beans and compost the plants. I have new seed for the raised vegetable beds.

I planted some lemon balm and lemon thyme in the bed around the pergola in the back yard. I also potted up a large Thomas A. Edison dinner plate dahlia. I’m a bit afraid the pot is too small, but we shall see.

The garden beds are all ready to go. I might feel brave enough to plant them this weekend, depending on what the weather forecast looks like. All of the cool weather plants are doing pretty well, except that I lost three of the collards. I need to sow some more arugula seed this weekend.

The blackberries are all leaves out and we also have some small peaches on the trees out front! They made it through the last frost, it seems.

Happy Spring!

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